Some people believe that if they have a family business, their children would know how to run it without ever practically doing it. That they are naturals because they have seen mom or dad work. However, Eric Gallite has a different point of view about this. He believes that you cannot run a business until you don’t learn how to. It’s just like expecting your child to be a pilot if you are one, all on his own. It’s not possible without someone teaching you how. Business is exactly the same, just because it’s a family business, doesn’t mean your children will have modified genes in them getting activated exactly when they are old enough to run it.

Eric has big plans for his two kids; Viktor and Weston. He knows that business, no matter in which industry, is something that needs to be taught. Just like a game of chess, it needs strategies. You also need to learn how to deal with your employees, customers and competitors. Eric is planning on teaching all the ins and outs of his auto transport business to his children when its time.

Teaching the Boys to Handle the Empire:

Eric’s approach to teaching his boys the ropes of his family business is simple and based on two key factors; observation and implementation. He plans on gradually getting them into the business. Eric will officially let them work in the company when they reach high school with very limited responsibilities just to introduce them to the business life and let them observe how their dad does things.

Then when they are old enough to do summer jobs, their responsibilities will increase a little bit, just like a promotion. Maybe they move to managerial stuff by the time they are in college. However, Eric has left it up to them whether they want to juggle through both or just stick to college until graduation.

They Are Currently Getting Familiar With Office Space:

Since both of them are very young; 3 and 5, they are free of any responsibilities that come with adult life. However, Eric sometimes take to office just to let them feel the atmosphere and observe the how things work. Kids of today are sharper than the baby boomers mainly because of the media and internet, which is a good thing especially since life has become so fast paced, early learning is necessary to keep up.

Besides familiarizing them with the office environment, Eric also has started developing their mindset about small yet powerful things in life, like compassion, honesty, and ethics. Eric believes these things are the cornerstones of a successful personal, as well as, business life. Teaching these things to his kids in early life will shape them up to become pure gentlemen, which is what unfortunately, the world lacks today.

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